Tuesday, 6 October 2015


As the leaves start to fall, we become increasingly aware that the months are advancing and this year is showing signs of reaching a close.
Time flies by faster and faster as we mature; it's like in the blink of an eye the summer was over in a second. For me, it's also a time to re-evaluate and make the most of each day before we reach the new year and those never-fulfilled resolutions are made. I tend to get most work done in these months, feeling extra motivated to stay cosy inside with my laptop and be productive. There's less distractions! I'm sure I'm also not the only one who feels more motivated to eat healthily and exercise when it's colder, being back in a routine at uni must subconsciously organise my life and usher everything else into action.

I'm in a real autumn mood. Hopefully you can tell in these shots, because I'm really loving them and the appropriately leafy background for today's post. This look may seem like a variation on a theme, with the colour scheme similar to my Berry Tones post a couple of weeks ago, but I've realised that it is my new favourite because of the way it compliments my hair and skin tone. With a blossoming lipstick collection and hat to match, I'm on the hunt for more! This knitted dress has a number of winning features; the loose fit and high neckline along with the pocket detailing make it an extremely wearable but simple piece. Last year's beautiful boots are back, which I can't wait to overwear this season. I'm also waiting patiently for Shoeaholics to do another £29 sale so I can grab another pair of everyday winter boots. 

Shop the look:
Hat - River Island
Boots - Aldo

Loving this colour scheme,



  1. This is a really nice outfit and I love the color of your dress and hat


  2. Loved the styling! So chic :)

    What Wear How blog

  3. I LOVE this hat! The entire outfit is gorgeous and your photos really bring it to life - so happy I've found your blog!

    Writing Possibility

    1. Thanks so much Sophie I'm so glad you like it and my blog! xx


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