Saturday, 1 November 2014


Here is a spontaneous Halloween post as I thought I'd show what I wore last night! Its spontaneous as I didn't actually have finite plans for the evening, but after a long day in London I returned to the surprise that I was joining my house mates at a party, which was followed by an unplanned night out in Kingston. Needless to say I had a fabulous evening, made even better as it was so unexpected!

So my costume: as I hadn't fully planned my look I decided to improvise with what I already had and work some magic with spooky makeup. The cat ears were my go-to item to have in a drawer in case of situations like this with unplanned fancy dress. This black dress with a sheer overlay was perfect for the occasion as the floaty material had a ghouly effect when combined with my makeup. In the end I came to the conclusion that I was a murderous cat, with my heavily backcombed hair assuming a position resembling a tail on the back of my head (obviously the ears also gave it away). I always have fun with fake blood effects on Halloween: there's something wrong but right about experimenting! I used basic contouring techniques with darker smokey eye makeup on my face and neck to highlight my neck and collar bone - I certainly don't profess to be a pro makeup artist! 

Dress - Zara
Cat ears - Topshop
Sequin headband - Forever21
Heels - New Look

Hope you had a spooktacular halloween... 

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  1. heey beautiful! I saw your blog by Instagram and I've nominate you for the Liebster Award. For more information go to my blog:


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