Monday, 1 February 2016


Time to re-adjust. Some steps that I have taken over the past few months which might help anyone feeling lost or out of touch with their personal style. 

Re-boot - So, prepare for a little personal spiel. It's been a ridiculous amount of time since my last post. I feel like I definitely say this all too often, making too many excuses for why I haven't posted more frequently than I feel I should. The past few months have been a period of serious demotivation to blog, in terms of both what to wear and what to write. Taking a step back from both Instagram and Blogger seemed the only way to sort it, so I spent my Christmas holidays, New Year and return to uni focusing on other things.

Re-motivate - I somehow got stuck in a fashion funk; an unshakeable feeling that I had lost my sense of personal style. Shopping, the unrivalled girly therapeutic activity, didn't seem to alleviate the lack of purpose I was feeling with my blog. I didn't like anything I was looking at in the shops; buying for purpose rather than pleasure. Perhaps it was the weather giving me a touch of SAD, but when looking at my wardrobe I felt like I was wearing all the same clothes every day with no motivation to create a new outfit. It was almost like all the fun and enjoyment had been completely sapped from anything clothes related, which was so strange and uncomfortable. This all sounds pretty depressing, with the phrase 'making mountains out of molehills' springing to mind. The key message here is, I decided to take a break, but it wasn't a bad thing - I realised what was missing.

Re-evaluate - I can finally say that I'm back into the swing of things, planning outfits and buying key pieces to animate my wardrobe again for Spring. This break was just what I needed, to strip back to my original ideas with this blog and stop rushing around throwing outfits together that I didn't even like enough to shoot. I remembered the significance of quality over quantity. Slowing the pace down with post frequency is the biggest change I'm going to make, so that I can consistently showcase good quality outfits that I really love.

Re-blog - In the process of re-motivating, I re-discovered Pinterest. Making style boards was the perfect way to mind map my ideas and make a cohesive collection of looks that I wanted to reflect in my own style. You create a kind of style source for yourself, somewhere that you can keep returning and adding to in moments of inspiration. This then helped me with a direction to go in when buying new things in my wardrobe - a process I would more than recommend if you find yourself in a rut.

Re-love - Unsurprisingly, it was a pair of shoes which jump-started the return to the blog. As always, my trusty favourite website Shoeaholics was on hand to help me re-lapse into an unsightly shoe addiction. I'm now the proud owner of a beautiful pair of baby pink Kurt Geiger sandals, which I'm sure will be taking centre stage in the coming months. This Friday marked my official return to shopping, where a trip to Kingston lead to a large clothes-sized hole being burnt into my bank account - it was definitely worth it.

To round off the year and begin February afresh, I've selected some of my favourite looks from 2015...

Photos I've taken in my absence: 
Top Left: the shoes which sparked my return (Kurt Geiger, Shoeaholics)
Top Right: Lights that greeted us for afternoon tea at the Midland Hotel, Manchester over Christmas
Bottom Left: A recent OOTD
Bottom Right: My new life organiser, in pretty faux leather notebook form (M&S)
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