Saturday, 6 February 2016


This luxurious fur coat made an appearance on a recent night out with friends.
It's a favourite of mine for so many reasons and many have complimented it. Yet on the night a passing girl, notedly wearing exactly the same as her two clone friends accompanying her, remarked 'who the f**k wears blue fur?!'. A comment which got to me at first, but then it made me think. I don't wear clothes to make myself stand out, I wear them because I like them, not to please anyone else - this is surely the case for most people out there. The phrase "I'm not like other bloggers", much like "I'm not like other guys",  is such an overused cliché that I hear floating around all too often. Everyone is an individual and so naturally should feel content enough to not have to compare themselves. In trying to fit in you become a sheep, a follower. Just being yourself is a sure-fire way to eradicate the need to use that phrase.

Outfit wise, this is the first of many posts taken on the streets of Notting Hill with my housemate/fab photographer Krista. The extra glam is definitely in the details of doorways and ornate railings - a girl can dream! I've styled the coat with my version of a more casual look. The lack of cold didn't prevent the icy winter colour scheme, but it gave me the chance to resurrect my super strappy heels from their summer box a little early.

Shop the look:
Coat & top - Zara
Jeans - Gap
Lipstick - MAC in shade Kinda Sexy

So who wears blue fur? I do. 
Happy Saturday!



  1. I love pastels so... your fur is soo cute <3

  2. Wowww :) Follow

  3. This is a fabulous outfit! I actually like blue and pink fur a lot more than neutrals x

    Wildfire Charm

  4. I love the blue fur! I own a faux pink fur and I am currently obsessed! :)


    1. Me too, I can't get enough of fur and fluff! I'm glad you like x


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