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The unhappy state of my shorts in some of these images is not through lack of trying or even ironing. A substantial amount of time was spent smoothing every line and crease, blissfully unaware of the events that would unfold (no pun intended). Yet as soon as the shorts were worn, the creases reaped their revenge once more. Happy days! So for any perfection seekers out there, I apologise for the sorry appearance of my once pristine satin look powder blue shorts. I had hoped that they would look like a beautiful almost co-ord-esque style with my fabulous duster coat, however that plan came to an end quite quickly. 

However, what does shine in this shoot is the aforementioned duster coat! Not only a bloggers' but a style seeker's classic, there has been a long coat-sized hole in my wardrobe for a while now, I was just holding out for the perfect one. I thought this might have struck gold when I purchased a vintage Topshop coat for £36, but after a very expensive, unprecedented trip to the tailors to bring it down a whole size (I love being so small), I fell in love, although it was not exactly the look I had been hoping for. This sophisticated, sleek piece of outerwear is now something I want to style up as often as possible as its one of those pieces that just make you feel expensive. The colour is a rare find, but obviously a pastel/powder blue was going to be something I was interested in. I am still on the hunt for a looser more casual version, perhaps black and without the shoulder pads, but after all this work I now own a unique piece of clothing which will be styled for many posts in the future. Duster coats are clearly not for the faint hearted, as a coat that originates from the Wild West for Texan rangers, designed to keep out dust. I would hope my blue beauty doesn't even come into contact with dirt. They are rewarding - if you put the effort into what you wear beneath it, you'll really feel the benefits. 

Duster coat - Vintage Topshop

Top - Miss Selfridge
Shorts and heels - River Island

When the winter weather decides to kick in I will be able to style this coat again, wearing it for what it was designed for - allowing me to brave the elements whilst still looking fabulous!

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  1. Super cute coat and outfit, I love it! :) xx


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