Thursday, 8 January 2015


These accessories have been on my to-do list to style with an outfit since I bought them in November.
With a busy schedule it was extremely difficult to find time to put something together and with the added cold front I favoured fur hats and snoods for the entirety of December. As it was milder today, a mix of both styles were blended; resulting in this look! The warm combination of the pink and berry red adds some seasonal colour to an otherwise dark outfit, which would be pretty sleek on it's own but a pop of colour makes it interesting. Another pair of new shoes; today a Kurt Geiger sale bargain to replace my usual wedges, which have become quite tired from all their wear and tear. These new babies are a little higher and thinner, with the leather rather than suede making them more streamlined. They may look super difficult to walk in, but when you've had enough practice these are actually really comfortable. Jewellery is just two pieces, a new statement necklace which is also a sale purchase, as well as a set of fabulous stacker rings in a range of coloured gems. It was nice to see some sunshine, especially because the wet road meant that the rainbow effect was created that can be seen in some of the shots!

Roll neck top - Primark
Necklace and skort - Miss Selfridge
Fur Gilet - Zara
Hat and scarf - River Island
Rings - handmade with love 
Heels - Kurt Geiger

Random side note: as soon as I thought of this title Robin Thicke's song was on a loop in my head, check it out here so I'm not alone with the music ...

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