Thursday, 1 January 2015


Happy New Year everyone! After a busy evening celebrating all the way back on the 31st December, this is officially my first post of 2015 (how strange it feels to type that!). It isn't specifically 'new year' orientated, as this is a look I had ready to post before I thought of taking any shots of my New Years OOTN, which will most likely appear in my next post. To start the new year off, I thought it would make sense for my first January outfit to be shot in the same spot that my first post was - my garden at home, where I grew up. A lot has changed this year, but I hope my blog can continue to grow with more success until I reach the 12 month mark. Here's to the best year yet for all!

From all white to all black. This look channels Anna Karenina, with the fur hat and snood combo making it especially Russian-esque. Yet another gorgeous purchase this Christmas was this amazing cape, bought whilst shopping in Barcelona. Like all shopping addicts and bloggers alike, I always have my eye on too many items in the shops when wandering, but as a student I don't always have the funds to buy them all (cry). A cape and a black coat were no exceptions on the top of my list, so I could kill two birds in buying this statement piece. This skirt is the softest moleskin material and begs to be stroked whenever I wear it. The boots are out once again, mostly because I haven't taken them off since buying them! The experience of wearing these shoes can only be described as walking on air; I can wear them for an entire day with no pain whatsoever - which definitely makes them winners!

Top - Miss Selfridge
Skirt - Hollister
Snood - Topshop
Cape - Zara
Headband - Marks & Spencer
Boots - Aldo


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