Sunday, 6 July 2014



Yesterday my sister and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful summer's day and have a picnic at a local park. This was also the perfect opportunity for a shoot, for which my sister was a fabulous photographer! So this weeks posts will feature three outfits put together and shot at Dunham Massey, starting with today's look; a floral festival number. Shooting on location was something new and exciting, which means I am definitely going to move around a lot more for my posts in future to keep you entertained - there's only so many places in my garden that could be used!

My new kimono was out once again, this time in a more casual, festival style that could have easily been worn to Wireless festival this weekend if I had attended! You might notice that my hair is slightly wavy in these shots - I plaited my hair the night before to give it some volume with my headpiece; the classic messy festival hair but a little bit cleaner and manufactured! The fields and long grass were ideal for this kind of look - I blended in with my floral headpiece and flowy fabrics (more will be featured later in the week) billowing in the breeze as I skipped around, unleashing my inner child. It was such a fun day! I also went for the exaggerated necklace vibe, obviously in combination with my usual rings - I wanted to create an eclectic look which was jewellery heavy but easy to wear. My hunter wellies finally got more of an exciting outing that wasn't just for a muddy walk!

Kimono - TKMAXX
Shorts and cream necklace - Topshop
Silver tribal necklace and floral headpiece - Primark
Silver A heart necklace - Tiffany
Lilac crop top - Missguided
Aubergine wellies - Hunter

The festival trend is definitely one to get a lot of fun out of - I really enjoyed having fun with the whole ensemble. But it helps that the sun was out to light up the day!


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  1. Ah yes, your outfit is perfect for a festival and you look really dishy wearing your Wellies, I pull my Wellies on at the slightest hint of rain much to the amusement of my friends but I just hate getting my Tights splashed and I quite like wearing my violet Huntress Wellies.


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