Thursday, 23 July 2015


The post of many locations! While exploring the grounds of the hotel I discovered so many places with the soft flattering lighting for shoots that I had to try and fit them all in during my stay here. The best of all my finds by far was the curtained glass box featured in this post, which doubles as both a beautiful function room for weddings and also a massage parlour. It's platform out on the rocks offers the most stunning view of the surrounding bay - serving as a dramatic background for this look.
Now, you might recognise a slight similarity here in these striped palazzo pants to a jumpsuit I wore earlier this month (if you don't you can see it here - now on sale!). I loved the shape and style of the jumpsuit so much that when I found the matching trousers I couldn't leave without them. Especially because I'm a separates kinda gal. They're a less silky material, in a softer polyester material that isn't at all sweaty. I feel absolutely amazing when I wear them, they're so comfortable, flattering and can be paired with something as simple as this ribbed white crop for an effortless stripy ensemble. I would happily wear them for both day or night, as they can be dressed both up and down. My wide brim hat makes a reappearance in this shoot, made all the more dramatic by my volumised curled hair for an evening beauty look. This hat has been a vital accessory whilst on holiday in the scorching heat. I also can't begin to describe my love for this MAC lipstick in shade 'kinda sexy' - I know I've mentioned it before but I can't get enough of it! I wear it at any given opportunity because it's the best shade I have found for my lips and skin tone and despite being matte it leaves my lips feeling silky smooth not dry. What's not to love about a nude lip anyway?!

Shop my holiday look in the links below:
Hat - Primark
Heels - Steve Madden

Ignoring the idea of going home tomorrow,

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