Friday, 24 July 2015


From evening looks to daytime. I may be writing this post from my home in rainy Cheshire, but I'm going to continue posting outfits for my holiday lookbook as I still have quite a few remaining.
It might not help much with the holiday blues, but it's definitely worth it to see the beautiful landscape. As you'll have noticed, this is a much more chilled holiday look, shown particularly through my lack of shoes, which I think is a first! Being more of an everyday outfit rather than evening glamour, I went for something simple but stylish. This would explain the sorry state of my fringe and hair, which look particularly beachy in these shots thanks to the Portuguese heat; I'm not as coiffured as usual. We all have our time to relax when on holiday, so much less effort is made in the day on my part! Outfit wise, my favourite Oh My Love just had to make an appearance in my lookbook - which this time is another sample sale purchase from back in May which I absolutely adore. The print of these silky elasticated shorts is so vivid and matches my sunglasses and coincidentally the tree behind me (I may have planned the setting..), so I can create a tropical inspired look. A looser fit is also another plus, as they're much more comfortable when you're trying to keep cool.You'll also notice my super long lilac claws, which is another Elegant Touch purchase but this time combined with Barry M quick dry nail paint - they are much longer than my usual style but I thought I'd try something new. This black crop top was a successful impulse buy recently, as I always feel like I don't have enough tops. That age-old girl problem; constantly shopping but never anything to wear!

Top - Miss Selfridge 
Shorts - Oh My Love London
Necklace - Accessorize
Sunglasses - Topshop

Wishing I was still on holiday,


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