Wednesday, 4 June 2014


 So.. my first outfit post! I am a girl who has always had a love of glamour, which means always making an effort whenever I go out, even if I'm just going to the shop to buy some milk (makeup done, lipgloss and sparkle at the ready). Presentation is important to me and as someone on the smaller side I got my first pair of heels when I was 15 and have never looked back. They have got progressively higher as I've matured and now I would consider myself a master of the walk. I have built up an impressive collection over the years and would confidently say I'm addicted to shopping. A real girly girl. Let's not forget my love of pink! Oh the cliches are never ending...

Outfit #1 is not for a particular event, however I would wear this to something like celebratory cocktails with the girls or a summer barbeque with family. If it wasn't obvious in my previous posts, I am in love with candy and pastel colours this summer, which is more than evident in my outfit choices. The coat was one of my favourite finds this year, as I have been after a statement pink piece for my wardrobe for a while.

Baby pink fluffy Coat and cornflour blue beaded Top: Topshop
White Skirt with lace hem: Missguided
Cornflour blue/lilac Heels: River Island
Necklace: Forever21
(One of my ultimate favourite accessories I own and will most likely reappear)
Cream Prada Handbag: Mum's wardrobe (very sadly)

 A happier one to prove I am smiley!
When the weather cheers up or I have an occasion to sport this pastel concoction I will be one happy girl.

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