Thursday, 16 October 2014


To Gilet or not to Gilet?

My look for today doesn't include any completely brand new items other than my shoes. This may not be the norm for bloggers out there today, who are constantly buying or receiving the latest clothes. Ultimately a fashion blog is to show an audience a lookbook of outfits and hopefully inspiring their own ideas, so its unrealistic to always be wearing brand new. Not everyone is lucky enough to afford all those clothes! All three garments, the playsuit, the jumper and the gilet are all from previous winter seasons across the past few years, but as fashion is cyclical obviously they would be back on trend at some point - there's no need to throw out and replenish if its a classic style. As a student I have to attempt to be frugal, although I have never really been good at that. Its therefore not feasible for me to be buying brand new every day! (Not that I wouldn't love to be able to). So apologies to anyone who was looking for the latest purchases in this post, its proof that keeping things in the wardrobe is worth it and necessary. As much as I try to get as many new things as possible and style them up!

This autumnal themed shoot brings in different fluffy textures that don't make me overheat as its not winter weather yet! My straighteners that I had accidentally left at home arrived yesterday, so I took the opportunity to curl my hair to add some volume. This works well with the brown wolfy fur of my gilet, which is extra playful with the pompoms. Green is obviously a popular colour for autumn, so I combined my look with this forrest green playsuit layered with a fluffy black jumper.

Gilet, jumper, playsuit and necklace - Topshop
Rings - River Island
Heels - New look
To Gilet...

Or not to gilet..

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