Thursday, 2 October 2014


Subconsciously channelling my inner studious self, today's look unintentionally looks like a school uniform. I hope my take on it with the addition of a tailored jacket and heels adds a little more class. Tartan/checked skirts are obviously back on trend for winter, although they never really go out for me! Its definitely an easy print that adds texture and interest for the colder weather when you're tempted to go with the easy option and wear all black. The pop of colour from both my jacket and lipstick is also great to brighten up the outfit, when the weather continues to be so indecisive! This shirt was a purchase from another crazy shopping spree over the weekend, (I love using fashion blogging as my excuse) the neck tie is something completely different and makes the shirt more interesting! Details always make a massive difference to a garment, which is why the ribbon and buttons make this shirt extra special. The wedges finally featured in this post are my everyday shoes, sounds crazy I know but they're my most comfortable piece of footwear and they add a good amount of height!  

Due to illness, my new photographer Serah was temporarily unavailable to take this shoot today, so my housemate kindly stepped in. This unfortunately meant that the fabulous clarity in the pictures like my past three posts was lost as my own SLR was used, although the shots themselves captured exactly what I was looking for. I do love my camera and I would be lost without it, but I've also fallen in love with how amazing the shots in my past few posts were. 

Shirt and handbag - H&M
Jacket and wedges - Topshop
Skirt - American Apparel

Hopefully Serah will get better soon! For now please check out her blog if you haven't already:

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